Henry-Joe Adie

Henry-Joe Unimke Adie

Henry-Joe Unimke Adie, whose photo appears above was a staff on probation at NUGI Technologies Nigeria Ltd. and has been dismissed effective this day 12th October 2016 due to unethical practices. This individual ceases to be related or affiliated directly or indirectly to the company from this day forward. The company no longer has any dealing with him. Forthwith any information disseminated from this individual are to treated as false.

The individual aforementioned can't represent or consult for the company. Any individual engaging in any business transaction with this individual is at his/her risk. Members of the public are hereby warned.

We jealously guard our hard-earned reputation and will do all within our power to protect our integrity. Anybody who transacts business with him on behalf the company name does so at his own risk.

There are no disclaimers at the moment