E-agriculture... Innovating for the bedrock of our economy.

Information and Communication Technology in Agriculture (ICT in agriculture), also called as E-agriculture, is developing and applying innovative ways to use ICTs in both urban and rural domain, with a primary focus on agriculture. We offer a wide range of solutions to some agricultural challenges. It is seen as an emerging field focusing on the enhancement of agricultural and rural development through improved information and communication processes. In this context, our solutions are geared towards encompassing all information and communication technologies including devices, networks, mobiles, services and applications. Our solutions continue to evolve innovatively in scope as new ICT applications continue to be harnessed in the agriculture sector. More specifically, we conceptualize, evaluate, design, develop, and deploy innovative solutions that target particular or multiple domain of the sector. Provisions of standards, norms, methodologies, and tools as well as development of individual and institutional capacities, and policy support are all key components of what we do.

Our powerful technology driven solutioms cover virtually every sphere and domain in the agricultural sector, including but not limited to:

Agricultural Extension and Advisory

Our Solutions bridge the gap between agricultural researchers, extension agents and farmers, thereby enhancing agricultural production.

Promote Sustainable Farming Practices

We create solutions to improve access to climate-smart solutions as well as appropriate knowledge to use them.

Disaster Management and Early-Warning

We have solutions tailored to provide actionable information to communities and gorvernments on disaster prevention in real-time while also providing advice on risk-mitigation techniques.

Enhanced Market Access

We use ICT to facilitate market access for inputs as well as product marketing and trade in a variety of ways

Capacity Building and Empowerment

Our Solutions also widen the reach of local communities , including women and youth, and provide newer business opportunities, thereby enhancing livelihoods.