Health Care

Far reaching solutions for progressive health care delivery.

Health Care

NUGI fully connects healthcare solutions, provide medical professionals and organizations with the infrastructure they need to collaborate, securely share process, and use healthcare data more effectively. We develop advanced people-oriented medical service solutions using a variety of telemedicine applications. HD video, teleconsultation, medical video on-demand, and remote doctor visits are all part of the package. We can bring your organization into the 21st century with solutions specifically designed for the healthcare industry.

NUGI also have the potential to give back time to patients and doctors for more meaningful discussions rather than checking through previous illnesses, medications and operations. The availability of the patient history to health professionals throughout the country should also ease diagnosis and treatment whether the person is on holidays or at home.


NUGI is committed to the success of your healthcare solution for today and tomorrow. We will help you take care of the challenges now and in the future. We are empowering our customers to use IT solutions more strategically to better their healthcare needs – for better business, healthcare and connectivity.

We build systems that support hospitals as they address complex challenges, including the need to reduce costs, manage complex payment models and assume more risk and coordinate patient and staff care.
NUGI IT solutions include software, cloud services, and consulting to hospitals, physician offices, imaging centers, home health care agencies and payers.

In today’s changing healthcare environment, NUGI seeks to improve the financial performance of your patients’ clinical outcomes while continuing to grow your practice is more challenging than ever. To succeed, NUGI provides you with a technology solution that helps you deliver the highest quality of patient care without sacrificing revenue or practice efficiency.

NUGI health solution features a wide-range of health management system (HMS) and practice management (PM) systems designed to help practices of all sizes manage clinical and financial workflows successfully.

NUGI HMS solutions offer practices both cloud and server-based solutions designed to help enhance care quality and improve physician workflow. Our solutions provide the scheduling, billing, claims processing and revenue management capabilities that meet the needs of both small practices as well as the more complex requirements of mid-sized and larger offices

Patient Involvement

NUGI is however, adamant that patients need to be involved at every stage of the development of health technology. We want patients to be the drivers of their own data which will allow them to gain control of their health.