Tax & Revenue Management

Robust revenue collection strategy and system

Our tax management system (IntellarPay) focuses on integrating tax data into a 'one-stop shop' for tax payers. Our system is flexible, but thorough, with solutions to help improve your tax management performance while reducing your risk. We start by providing you with insight into the current-state of your tax function operations. Our holistic and scalable approach will directly impact efficiency and effectiveness, including people, process, technology, and data.

Key Features of Our Tax Management System

  • A state of the art user friendly, one stop portal which will enhance seamless payments by tax payers, and real-time receipts of IGR by IRS.
  • Prevent receiving banks from warehousing State's revenues beyond 48hrs or 2 working days.
  • Support IRS with support infrastructure (Internet, Encrypted Mobile Devices)
  • Send all Revenue accruing to the State, to the designated Consolidated MSA account on a real time basis, this ensures that Government has an outright view of how much is generated monthly on a real-time basis without having to rely on banks or the platform designers for manual reconciliations or periodic sweeping reports.
  • A breach-proof security system around receipts and other relevant instruments of IGR transactions, which cannot be faked by anyone, the receipts/invoices carry a QRCODE which can be verified on a real-time basis using mobile solutions.
  • Integrated 'Service Providers' portal, that effectively splits due payments and remunerations of nominated, Consultants and Revenue Merchants (as approved / agreed by enabling engagement instruments) from the specific revenue head for which such services have been provided and crediting banking particulars / details of the relevant service provider after 3 working days and not later than 5 working days. Except where otherwise instructed by IRS. This portal enables feedback management, including field activity reports of service providers.
  • Implements a solid and reliable instant Split System across all MDAs, (effectively negating the need to keep Government funds in separate accounts to be swept at the end of the month). An additional requirement under this charge, is that each revenue generating MDA can br made o retain a percentage (as approved by His Excellency), which would be credited on a real-time basis to its nominated impress account with the bank designated and approved by the State's Accountant General.
  • Enable tax payers request TIN from any part of the country and elsewhere, with provisions that would ensure that IRS provides relevant approvals within minutes.
  • An Electronic Tax clearance Card (Contactless Near Field (NF) enabled Card) which can be read on real-time about a tax Payer with a detailed profile of his / her tax history
    • Deployed alongside Android devices, state of the art mobile devices which with capability to read the E-cards on a real-time basis. This would be designed for the use of IRS revenue surveillance teams
    • Electronic Tax cards to be designed such that holders would access faster clearance at Government Hospitals/MDAs, Collection Points, VISA offices etc. as the card can be read and issued tax clearance can be accessed and verified real-time. This is in consonance with our vision for Schedule 1 Tax as well as online Self Assessments by tax payers.
    • The E-Card should be configured in such a way as to also serve as a debit card, (as the Service plans to establish payment and collection points across the State).
  • Provides Tax Payers with instant text messages, on their mobile phones, confirming payments made and specific details and particulars of each transaction.
  • Consistent and transparent revenue reporting that seamlessly resolves sundry challenges arising from poor reporting practices of commercial banks.
  • Integrated holistic solution architecture that would seamlessly address and resolve losses arising from the use of offline Point of Sale (POS) Terminals.
  • Provides and displays real time transparent records of all deductions (as approved) from each revenue head.
  • Provides real time Reporting Embedded on the portal service to allow IRS staff the opportunity to download in PDF / Excel format, the gross and net on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
  • Integrated a corporate portal for companies to login, add and manage their staff PAYE remittances, including automatic calculation of PAYEs and delivery of monthly reminders of due PAYEs and PAYE liabilities to all corporate tax payers in the IRS database.
  • Integrate all MDAs in such way that allows for real-time monitoring reports and synthesis of all such reports by the office of the Special Adviser to the Governor on Ministerial Revenue.
  • Provides a Direct Assessment Gateway to allow knowledgeable tax payers process their direct assessments online and proceed to make payments either online or at designated banks.
  • Provides a Scan - Pay Technology (S-PT) that allows tax payers to take full advantage of latest technological innovations to make tax remittances.
  • Provides a tax payer mobile app that allows tax payers track remittances and view tax clearances on real-time basis.
  • A mobile app, dedicated to facility administration with varying levels of access to nominated functionaries in in government. This app allows for real-time update of the States IGR status.
  • A mobile app enabled with high secured mobile offline collections integrated for each collecting consultant / service provider, simulated on Kiosk / dedicated Android OS.
  • A mobile application solution dedicated to tax management that would seamlessly allow tax payers make remittances and interface with IRS via hand held devices and other mobile facilities.