We provide state of the art software for the transport and logistics industry...

Transport and Logistics

We provide state of the art software for the transport and logistics industry, which meets and exceeds the client’s requirement. We design seamless software that delivers and manage effectively transport and shipping processes combined with flexibility and real-time innovation.

With the flawless end to end software we develop, optimizing shipping prices and options, making orders, and scheduling pickups; to tracking deliveries, invoicing, and capturing proofs of delivery becomes efficiently seamless with guaranteed results.

We have designed a solution that supports both shippers and logistics service providers (LSPs), Our transportation management solutions manage all transportation activity throughout your supply chain. Combining ease of use with industry-leading capabilities, they enable you to reduce freight costs, optimize service levels, and automate processes so that you can run your logistics operations more efficiently.

Key Features of Software Solutions

User Portal

The software solution integrates a seamless user interface that guarantees a thrill in the users experience. Within the software, the clients will be able to schedule pick up request, get quotes, print labels, and invoices from a simple screen. Information trace and full tracking will be embedded within the software on both the admin and clients end, based on your specific requirements.

Fleet Management

Use our solution to manage your fleet—without sacrificing carrier efficiency or fleet utilization. Manage all aspects of your fleet: drivers, buses, bikes, tractors, and trailers Simultaneously consider fleet resource capabilities, while optimizing contracted carrier rates.

Mapping & Tracking

Our software makes use of integrated Google maps tracking, time stamps, and real-time geo-tags, so your clients can complete track their order and know delivery time.

System Integrations

We have built a stable API that is flexible and fast, ensuring that connections with local, national and international carriers as well as a host of various third parties, is effortless. The platform allows the admin to connect directly with a wide variety of delivery networks, trace deliveries, print third-party labels, and resolve your invoices.

Accounts & Invoicing

Our autonomous software will grant the admin access to create and email invoices to clients, compare invoice with agreed costs, updating sales prices, costs, actual weights, and highlight all inconsistencies.

Shipping Management App

We build mobile apps that will incorporate all that is required to trace, track, and manage client’s deliveries.


We create solutions that meet the challenges of retail shopping Our solutions connect consumer with retailers and align ecommerce fulfillment technology to ecommerce sales. We transform any site—warehouse, distribution center, storefront, kiosk, or even a garage—into a robust and seamless experience center. Our omnichannel fearures allows for complete warehouse and logistics delivery from any browser-based device. Users can leverage end-to-end inventory management, from manufacturer to distribution center to store to customer.

Receiving and Stocking

We offer businesses an efficient e-commerce management solution that can establish accurate views of their inventory with inbound receiving and stocking. Use our solution to:

  • Control your inventory
  • Schedule and manage inbound shipments, cross-docking, and flow-through allocations
  • Manage port appointments and improve port efficiency
  • Book appointments by facility and door
  • Configure, create, and perform custom value-added services (VAS), such as labeling, tagging, and kitting at any time

Outbound Allocation and Store Receiving

Our solutions support port to port, port to door, door to door customer experience and store delivery confirmation by allocating inventory into outbound loads with multistop routes.

  • Improve pick up efficiency and gain control of planning via configurable wave allocation
  • Improve facility throughput and overall warehouse operations
  • Manage distribution center tasks via mobile, including receiving, stocking, order picking, replenishment, and truck loading
  • Optimize store fulfillment with put-to-store management, cross docking, store-based waving, and task grouping

Material Handling

We support a high degree of automation and complex customer experience strategies with built-in integration for material handling equipment and services.

  • Integrate easily with warehouse control systems (WCS), including pick-to-light, carton sorter, tilt tray sorter, carousel, sortation, scale, and conveyor
  • Eliminate latency
  • Gain visibility through real-time integration with 99.5 percent uptime