Network Engineering

We are here to connect everything to you.

Our services span many emerging and hybrid enterprise technologies, and we offer a comprehensive suite of network performance, secure wireless access and cyber security products and services from leading manufacturers that improve overall network performance and business operations. Nugi’s experienced IT professionals help’s you meet your evolving business needs by optimizing IT resources, application performance, and business processes.

Secure Wireless Access:

We offer high-performing secure wireless network connectivity, taking into account high usage areas and ensuring that throughput is not sacrificed in an effort to secure access and managing the network. Nugi controlled access points deliver secure WiFi client access to a variety of indoor and outdoor enterprise wireless LAN environments.

Intrusion Protection and Access Monitoring

We provide wireless security that includes network internal and external monitoring of all access points. Passively and actively monitoring for rogue clients or intrusion, Nugi solutions easily integrate with existing architectures and offer fully integrated security layered over client access technology.


Our partnership with leading global provider like Huawei allows Nugi to offer reliable, wireless broadband solutions for long-range networks that span large geographic distances—up to hundreds of miles. Our engineering experts work with you to design a tailored solution drawn from products that use the licensed and unlicensed spectrum with capabilities designed to meet your unique business operations.