Mobile App Development

Awesome user experience assured


Today we regularly encounter a significant number of applications that don't meet the essential needs of a business or end-user expectations.

One of the reasons for this is that in many cases, interaction designers are not involved and the process of application creation is solely the responsibility of a developer.

This is not always a good idea and leads to user frustrations, bad experiences and - due to hindered productivity - even a loss of profit.


There are significant differences between the old-school static desktop UI design and modern web/mobile application design with all types of interactive content and advanced mechanisms for a powerful user experience.

The differences are even bigger if you are implementing a general UI or business Web application. Not to mention the evolving and growing demand for building (business) mobile applications with all its advantages and limitations.


Within our GUI Experience Team, we know how to address these issues. We offer:

  • Design services (usability research, interaction concepts, layout & composition, artistic layers, typography, imagery, architecture) and
  • Development services (custom-, portal infrastructure-, CMS-, eCommerce-based).


Our technology pool includes:

  • Microsoft and Java tools (ASP.NET, WPF, Silverlight, EJB, JSF, RichFaces, Grails/Spring),
  • Web development tools (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, Adobe Flash/Flex/AIR),
  • Frameworks (SharePoint, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, ExpressionEngine) and
  • Mobile development tools (HTML5 mobile web applications, native Android and iOS applications, hybrid mobile development).