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In normal case most of tasks are performed by respective system admin of a business firm. Day by day as the times goes your customer and resources keeps on increasing and your system admin team won’t be able to manage your servers as they keep on struggling.

The scenario today is that server rooms and data centres are challenging environments to control and manage. Technical IT staffs in companies should be experts in all types of equipment that make up today’s data centres, including servers, routers, switches and other devices. The staff should also be able to maintain operations performance in multiple locations with limited resources – while keeping costs down. You can outsource server management support to NUGI and with our remote server management services we can free you so that you can focus on your core business activities.

IT Infrastructure for Brighter Future

In the current economic world, IT infrastructure outsourcing has become a continuing growth oriented firm in their size and complexity, since the need for quick adoption of new technologies and rapidly growing business needs. Considering these facts, organizations are forced to rethink on proactive monitoring and management of the risk involved in system downtime, reduced revenue, etc. As a result, NUGI will help you to cut the costs and free up the internal IT staff for other work, simultaneously looking for reduced system failure and rapid access to expertise on new technologies.

A better outsourcing partner

Think brighter by choosing a right service provider that leads towards the organizational objectives and understands the complete requirement. NUGI’s award winning solution provides support in a 360-degree angle and deliver transparent and quality service. Our mission is to let you forget about technical problems, such as server support, server monitoring, or server security (we will handle them). We will do our job right and you will be able to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

A way to perfect solution

More importantly, due to the flexibility and IT control, RIM (Remote Server Management) has become a core part for an organization. In an ideal organization, IMS (Information Management System) outsourcing will manage data center along with hosting the core applications and will control the entire IT, including the support of Networking and Security. It will also support an organization to control the selection of an equipment and thereby procurement and also the provision to manage the complete application of a server.

Proactive support and management

Our server management services include proactive support for the Data centers and IT infrastructure. The proper server monitoring, hardware status reporting and repair, alerting and installation services are some of our other services. Our complete services are been delivered through our in-house expertise hosting and networking team, who works at 24*7 to monitor, diagnose and support servers from all level. As per the company policy, we have set up a comprehensive logbook that records the procedures required to administer the system.

A Global Solution for you by NUGI

NUGI intensify with next generation Infrastructure services without compromising the quality of its services, which allows the originations to have the unpredictable experience with consistent results. We believe that the globalization of IT and business services can be used effectively to meet the drive to Optimized costs, Improved performance, Flexibility, Enhanced availability, Integrated delivery and Growth Oriented. NUGI services are based on pro-active method to enhance the quality of the services that we deliver. Business success often depends upon the right person having the right information at the right time. NUGI delivers IT infrastructure management services over a network to multiple customers. We help allow an IT staff to focus on a higher level of development for its business organization to be more competitive. NUGI takes on the role of handling day-to-day operational tasks, providing the IT staff with the information needed to make business decisions. At NUGI we have the backing to effectively manage operations within the production environment while still meeting security compliances as well. The end goal of our company is to provide quality services along with uninterrupted access to critical data. Our company helps ensure high availability of data and we support the networking needs by providing scalable solutions, reliable performance and comprehensive network security.

Quality Analysis

It should be maintained with stability in their quality which are in terms of Operational, service delivery and thereby accounting the value they deliver. The right way is to deliver using metrics-driven approach. By this operational framework, it clearly defines the operations and completion of service, hence measuring the quality of service delivered.

Key Benefits of our Service

  • Proactive service: Predict the performance degradation and capacity issues.
  • Comprehensive coverage: We support all major hardware vendors and operating systems.
  • Round-the-clock support: Our on-site teams work 24 hours a day.
  • Service level agreements: Based on service level agreements (SLA).

In order to stay ahead with the competition, we are well aware of service quality that should be delivered continuously. For that we keep the customers happy and setup complete level in-house resources. Providing full services like Monitoring and managing your multi-vendor IT infrastructure can be time consuming, complex, and costly where the downtime can bring your business at risk for revenue loss and spoil brand trust.