Tutoring and Mentoring our Tomorrow

Our team of experts in the field will teach and mentor you and help you hone your ICT skills from the novice and ethusiast level to a seasoned professional in the industry. We will help you identify where your strenght lies and put you in the path for greatness. At the end of any course that you undertake with us, you will be happy you did. We make bold to say that you will find our course fees to be very affordable.

The available courses include:

Computer Programming (Introduction)

This course is aimed at learners with little or no prior programming experience, but a desire to understand computational approaches to problem solving. Learners will learn the fundamental concepts and terminology of software development and develop skills in designing and writing computer programs. Throughout the duration, learners will be grounded fully on the rudiments and good programming practices and standards that will help them stand out and also dive into other advanced courses in programming.

Web Design

Learning to design a website requires mastering many different skills from organizing the structure of the website, making sure it is easy to use and navigate, to designing the graphics and layout of the information. This web design course concentrates on the fundamentals of building a website. It starts with the basics, using HTML code to build a basic site, giving the learner a solid foundation in how a website is designed. It then moves on to bring in the other parts like like CSS that brings the look and feel, and javascripts to make the site more interactive.

Mobile App Development

The course is delivered in such a way that learners will be provided with practical and relevant hands-on tutorials combined with modern approaches to building commercial mobile apps, including invaluable insights into the mobile app development industry .Learners will also be given the opportunity to utilise and develop these skills through appropriate practical work and be able to apply these skills and knowledge to their own development projects in the future.

Desktop Publishing

This course has been specifically designed to teach learners how to use all the main Adobe Desktop Publishing Applications. The course provides students with the skills and graphic design competencies in Adobe software required for effective work practices in this sector and will bring students up to industry level standards in the area of graphics and design.

Computer Programming (Advanced)

This course is specifically designed for ethusiasts who want to pursue a career in computer programming and advanced programmers who want to learn new programming language/technology.


This course is designed to be a strong foundation on basic networking concepts as it is fundamental to a successful career in information technology. Networking technologies underlie all IT activities and a strong comprehension of the hardware and protocols used to create networks is essential to future success.

In this broad-based foundational course, you will move step-by-step through the basics of data networking, practicing with leading-edge technologies from Cisco and Microsoft. You will gain practical skills in IP address configuration of a workstation, identifying and calculating appropriate subnet masks, examining and manipulating address resolution protocol (ARP) and domain name system (DNS) caches on a workstation, using ping to verify connectivity, basic wireless router configuration, and the simple use of a protocol analyzer to examine local area network (LAN) communications.

With a strong foundation and an understanding of basic network functions, standards, and protocols, you will be prepared to tackle advanced networking skills, including Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), security, wireless integration, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Cyber Security

This course provides a framework on which individuals seeking to immerse themselves in the pressing issues of cyber security can obtain the information they need to make the best decisions for the defence of their organisations. Participants of this course will learn the fundamentals of securing both clean and corrupted systems, protecting personal data, securing simple computer networks, and safe Internet usage. You will obtain an understanding of key terms and concepts in cyber law, intellectual property and cyber crimes, trademarks and domain theft.

Whether you're looking to start a career, change careers or advance in your current one in cyber security. Look no further because you are in the right place. NUGI Technologies offers highly focused and relevant IT training and certification preparation for a variety of IT career paths. We are currently running our training programs for individual and corporate organizations who want to add value and leverage on their system development. Our programs give you a competitive advantage and offers you a good start to a rewarding career by enrolling for our professional courses below.

1 Cyber Security and its 10 domains This course is designed to develop students, working professionals and the community to the field of cybersecurity. Student will gain knowledge and understanding of cybersecurity and its and its domains. They will engage with expertly produced videos, gain insight from industry experts, participate in knowledge assessments, practice assessing their environmental awareness, and gain access to materials that address governance and risk management, compliance, business continuity and disaster recovery, cryptography, software development security, access control, network security, security architecture, security operations, server management, web security management, server security management and physical and environmental security. 1 MONTH EXECUTIVE TRAINING $1,700
2 Web Security Management
3 Server Management
4 Server Security Management 4 MONTHS $1,400
5 Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Social Media Basics, Intro to Computer 2 MONTHS $200
6 Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developer Certification Training 5 MONTHS $299
7 Certified iOS App Developer Training Course 4 MONTHS $350
8 Data Science Certification Training - R Programming 3 MONTHS $275
9 Microsoft Advance Excel 1 MONTH $100
10 Python Basics Training 4 MONTHS $150
11 Advanced Web Design And Development 2 MONTHS $199
12 Quality Management Training 4 MONTHS $600
13 Certified Android App Developer Training Course 6 MONTHS $499
14 All-in-One JavaScript Development Suite 7 MONTHS $260
15 All-in-One HTML/HTML5 and CSS/CSS3 Suite 2 MONTHS $150
16 Digital Marketing Certification Training 4 MONTHS $450