Software Engineering

We are here to connect everything to you.

Our software engineers are the core of Nugi. Nugi has spent over 10 years analyzing and perfecting the integration of developers across the spectrum into our team. The keys to success in this process are: skills, trust, communications and continuous learning.

As your partner, Nugi accelerates development of custom software solutions by applying our well-regarded software product engineering services. We make excellent, sturdy, reliable and usable softwares, We’ve been involved in countless software development projects. For some customers we deliver end-to-end products, for others we deliver specific parts or specific services, we make and sell software products on our own.

The As such, we have expertise and many building blocks, which might help our customers to focus on the core software components and let us take over some tedious but very important parts like:

  • GUI development,
  • Quality assurance,
  • Integrations,
  • Internationalization and localization,
  • Extended platform coverage and others.

With this approach, we provide full R&D services that cover all lifecycle stages in software development:


With our extensive android and windows development capabilities, advanced system integration expertise, and rich customer support experience. We also provide a variety of services for specialist applications and markets. We have extensive experience and expertise in developing software solutions for a wide variety of vertical domains such as digital signage, infotainment, and industrial automation.

As an industry leader in process improvement, our software engineering services has been the core of our services for the last 10 years. We adhere to industry best practices on all projects for our many satisfied clients. We can tailor processes for your projects or enterprise business solutions that will ensure that business activities are aligned with your corporate goals in a cost-efficient manner. Nugi offers several process improvement services to assist organizations in meeting the challenges of tomorrow using proven process models.