Our Passion

We serve our customers, our colleagues and our communities by integrating passion and sustainability into our work every day.

Passion. Innovation. Weirdness. Whatever. No matter what you bring to the table, there's a place for you at Nugi Technologies. We're here to do amazing things, and we want diverse talent to lead the way. What will you bring?

Passion from day one

For more than 10 years, we've fuelled digital transformation through the power of software. Today we're as committed as ever: partnering to help companies of all kinds, Government and NGOs seize opportunities and create real, meaningful change. We drive innovation. Eliminate barriers and Raise the bar. When you win, we win. We’ve been ranked highly for our achievements in categories such as diversity, ethics, excellence/innovation and health.

Looking Forward

We promote the development of future IT leaders and the advancement of women in tech. we constantly seek partnerships that help us transform our immediate society.

Giving Back

We help individuals and organizations through donations, employee volunteerism and matching gifts. Without society and people, we cannot win as a company, so in our immediate community we help people to achieve by giving.


We care for our communities and our world by investing in education and promoting environmental responsibility. We apply passion in every solution that we provide because society and people believe us when we say we will do our best.