NUGI helps hundreds of companies succeed in an emerging application economy.

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How do we help companies shape the future through deployment of innovative software? Check out the NUGI mission to see how we pioneer great initiative and learn more about our commitment to enhancing the society. Or you can visit the NUGI careers page to find out what it takes to make your dreams alive in NUGI.

When the competition is fierce and battleground unsteady, agility is the key to survival. That's why, where appropriate, we implement Agile principles to software development to deliver projects that are on time, on schedule and in line with our clients' overall business strategy.

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When the right environment is created for innovation, truth is, you definitely will make amazing things happen. For every beautiful day, at every given opportunity, NUGI focuses on helping our customers turn great initiative into business results. And our team of innovators at NUGI Dev Team are always working to build new products that address real customer needs.

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From finance to education and government to entertainment, every business today is in great need of software solution. Which is why companies are reinventing and transforming to compete. NUGI Technologies has the depth of skill, attitude and capacity to help your business make the most of the emerging application economy.

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Does your company have the tools and expertise necessary to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity? We do. Let us put our proven capabilities to work for you-and help transform your business.