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Cross River State Government


November 2023

Project Overview

The Carnival Commission of Cross River State envisioned an online platform to encapsulate the vibrancy and grandeur of the Calabar Carnival. Nugi Technologies, committed to delivering top-notch solutions, took on the challenge to deploy a state-of-the-art website that would serve as the focal point for showcasing the renowned Calabar Carnival.


The technologies used comprises a carefully curated selection of tools, frameworks, and languages that enabled us to deliver high-quality products tailored to meet the client’s needs.

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Digital Representation: Create a digital platform representing the essence, event dates, and full calendar schedule of the Calabar Carnival.

User Engagement: Develop an interactive website to engage visitors and participants, fostering a sense of excitement and anticipation.

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Website Features

Vibrant Design

A visually appealing design capturing the energy and colorfulness of the Calabar Carnival.

Event Dates

Displayed event dates for easy visitor reference.

Calendar Schedule

A comprehensive calendar showcasing the entire schedule for the carnival festival.

Development Process

Collaborative Planning

Extensive collaboration with the Carnival Commission to understand their vision and goals.

User-Centric Design

A focus on creating a user-friendly interface, ensuring easy navigation for all visitors.

Responsive Design

Ensuring the website's compatibility with various devices for an optimal user experience.

Results and Impact

Engaging Platform

The Carnival Commission website became an engaging platform, attracting a diverse audience interested in the Calabar Carnival.

Event Visibility

Increased visibility of Calabar Carnival events, ensuring participants and spectators stay well-informed.

Enhanced User Experience

Visitors experienced a visually stimulating and user-friendly interface, contributing to a positive user experience.

Calendar Accessibility

The comprehensive calendar schedule provided easy access to the full spectrum of carnival events.

carnival result mockup


Nugi Technologies successfully delivered a dynamic and visually captivating Carnival Commission Website, aligning with the vision of the Carnival Commission. The platform serves as a digital gateway to the cultural extravaganza that is the Calabar Carnival, ensuring that the spirit and excitement of the event are accessible to a global audience.

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