Establish a digital footprint for Cross River State.



Cross River State Government


January 2023

Project Overview

The Cross River State Government, in collaboration with Nugi Technologies, embarked on a transformative journey to establish a digital presence. This initiative led to the creation of the award-winning Cross River State Website and News Blog, driven by the commitment to transparency, communication, and citizen involvement.


The technologies used comprises a carefully curated selection of tools, frameworks, and languages that enabled us to deliver high-quality products tailored to meet the client’s needs.

crossriver website technologies used

Client Profile

The Cross River State Government initiated this project to address the absence of a dedicated website and digital presence, recognizing the need for a centralized hub for information sharing.

crossriver website overview


The primary challenge was to bridge the digital gap and create an online platform that fulfilled diverse informational needs, considering the absence of a pre-existing digital presence.

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Online Presence

Establish a digital footprint for Cross River State.

Information Dissemination

Efficiently manage news, blog posts, and community engagement through a user-friendly interface.


Website Development

Meticulously designed and implemented a visually appealing, dynamic website to represent Cross River State comprehensively.

News Platform

Developed and deployed a centralised News Platform for effective information management and dissemination.

Membership Subscriptions

Implemented a membership subscription system to foster user engagement and deliver personalised updates.


The project marked a significant digital transformation, winning the Best Innovative Website Award in 2023. The News Platform became a central hub for managing and disseminating information, contributing to positive user feedback

Results and Impact


Won the Best Innovative Website Award in 2023.

Effective Communication

Improved communication channels between the government and the community.

Community Engagement

Increased engagement through membership subscriptions and interactive features.


The Cross River State Website and News Blog have become a beacon of digital excellence, setting the standard for transparent governance and community interaction.

crossriver website result mockup


Cross River State's journey from the absence of a digital presence to winning the Best Website Award in 2023 stands as a testament to the transformative power of technology in governance.

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