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Effective Date: April 2021

Data Protection PolicyAsset Management Policy

Asset Management

1. Introduction

Nugi Technologies recognizes the importance of effectively managing its assets to support its business operations and ensure the security, reliability, and integrity of its infrastructure and resources. This Asset Management Policy outlines the principles, responsibilities, and procedures governing the acquisition, utilization, protection, and disposal of assets within the organization.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all assets owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by Nugi Technologies, including but not limited to:

Hardware devices (e.g., computers, servers, networking equipment)

Software applications and licenses

Data and information assets

Office equipment and furniture

Intellectual property rights

Vehicles and machinery

3. Asset Acquisition

3.1. All asset acquisitions must be approved by the appropriate department head or management authority.

3.2. Before acquisition, a thorough assessment of the asset's suitability, cost-effectiveness, and compatibility with existing systems and infrastructure must be conducted.

3.3. All acquisitions must be documented, including purchase receipts, warranties, and licensing agreements, and recorded in the organization's asset register.

4. Asset Utilization

4.1. Assets shall be used for authorized business purposes only and by applicable laws, regulations, and organizational policies.

4.2. Asset users are responsible for maintaining the security, integrity, and confidentiality of assets under their control and must adhere to relevant security protocols and procedures.

4.3. Asset usage shall be monitored and periodically reviewed to ensure optimal utilization and identify opportunities for optimization or cost-saving measures.

5. Asset Protection

5.1. All assets shall be protected against loss, theft, damage, or unauthorized access through appropriate security measures, including physical security controls, access controls, encryption, and data backup procedures.

5.2. Asset custodians and users shall be responsible for safeguarding assets in their possession and reporting any incidents of loss, theft, or damage to the appropriate authorities.

5.3. Critical assets shall be subject to regular risk assessments and vulnerability scans to identify and mitigate potential security threats and vulnerabilities.

6. Asset Disposal

6.1. Assets that are no longer required or deemed obsolete shall be disposed of in a secure and environmentally responsible manner, in compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and organizational policies.

6.2. Disposal methods may include resale, recycling, donation, or destruction, depending on the nature and condition of the asset.

6.3. Before disposal, all sensitive data and information stored on assets must be securely erased or destroyed to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure.

7. Asset Inventory and Records

7.1. Nugi Technologies maintains accurate records of all assets owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by the organization, including details such as acquisition date, cost, location, and current status.

7.2. An up-to-date asset register shall be maintained and regularly reviewed to ensure completeness and accuracy of asset information.

8. Compliance and Monitoring

8.1. Compliance with this Asset Management Policy shall be monitored and enforced by the designated asset management authority within the organization.

8.2. Regular audits and reviews shall be conducted to assess compliance with policy requirements, identify areas for improvement, and address any instances of non-compliance.

9. Training and Awareness

9.1. Employees and asset users shall receive appropriate training and guidance on asset management principles, procedures, and responsibilities to ensure compliance with this policy.

9.2. Awareness campaigns and communication efforts shall be undertaken to promote understanding of asset management best practices and foster a culture of accountability and stewardship.

10. Software Asset Management

10.1. Nugi Technologies implements software asset management practices to ensure compliance with software licenses, optimize software usage, and minimize security risks associated with software.

11. Asset Retirement

11.1. Procedures for retiring assets at the end of their useful life shall be documented, including disposal methods and documentation requirements.

12. Vendor Management

12.1. Guidelines for managing relationships with asset vendors shall be included, covering procurement processes and vendor performance evaluation.

13. Risk Management

13.1. Risk management principles shall be incorporated into the policy to ensure that risks associated with asset management are identified, assessed, and mitigated.

14. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

14.1. Considerations for managing assets in the context of business continuity and disaster recovery planning shall be included in the policy.

15. Environmental Considerations

15.1. Considerations for the environmental impact of asset management practices, such as recycling and responsible disposal, shall be included in the policy.

16. Legal and Regulatory Compliance

16.1. Ensure that the policy addresses compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards related to asset management.

17. Review and Revision

This Asset Management Policy shall be reviewed periodically and revised as necessary to reflect changes in organizational requirements, business operations, or regulatory requirements.

18. Contact Information

For inquiries or concerns regarding asset management practices at Nugi Technologies, please contact the designated asset management authority at

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